The OneOffixx server can basically also be used with a SQL Express Edition without any issues. This alternative is only recommended as a test environment or for small companies.

Please install the SQL server with the installation package provided by Microsoft.


Case-insensitive collation should be employed for the operation of OneOffixx. It is recommended to use SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS and on older SQL servers SQL_Latin1_General_CI_AS respectively.

  • CI: Case-Insensitive (‘ABC’ == ‘abc’)
  • AS: Accent sensitive (‘ü’ != ‘u’)

OneOffixx automatically uses the SQL server’s Collation during the database generation. It is required to explicitly set up an empty, case-insensitive database manually if the server is set to using a case-sensitive Collation by default.

Authentication Mode: Mixed Mode

Make sure that the Authentication Mode is set to “Mixed Mode” during installation.


This setting can be changed subsequently in the Security tab.


Authentication Mode: Windows Only

The default installation utilizes a SQL user to connect to the database. The following steps should be considered when using a Windows user instead:

The ConnectionStrings in the OneOffixx.config file and OneOffixxAdmin.config respectively for the database need to be adapted:

"Integrated Security=true" instead of "User ID=...;Password=..."

The Windows user needs to be lodged as “User” in AppPool in the IIS. This pool has to be employed by every application:

IIS -> Application Pools -> Advanced Settings -> Identity -> Custom account

Additionally, this Windows user needs to be lodged in the “Log on as service” policy.

Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment ->"Log on as a service"

The OneOffixx web application should be running with the corresponding Windows user after these steps have been completed.