OneOffixx contains multiple components that can be divided into two categories:

On one hand there are server-side applications and on the other hand there is the Windows client and its Office add-ins.


Server-side applications

OneOffixx stores all of its server-side data in a SQL database. This data is provided by an API Service to the Windows client for synchronization. Furthermore, a number of additional components are supplied:

  • IIS-Web-applications:
    • Service: Includes the SOAP Service for Client Synchronization.
    • Admin: This application provides support during the operation and contains several tools to access and edit data. Moreover, statistical data about available templates is displayed here.
    • Web: Enables users to create documents in their browser or to display on overview of the existing templates.
    • Hub: Creates a communication channel between Service, Hub, and Admin.
  • Services and utilities:
    • User Sync Worker: This application allows the synchronization of user profiles and user data with the Active Directory or another LDAP system.

For more information regarding the installation visit Server Installation.

Windows Client & Office Add-Ins

The Windows Client offers various functions for the normal user, template creator, or administrator. For more information regarding the installation visit Client Installation.

The client retrieves data from OneOffixx service through the API service and stores it in a local Cache. Office add-ins connect with the installed client once they are installed.

Citrix TS/XenApp, Microsoft Terminal Server

Information about the client installation on the Microsoft Terminal Server or the Citrix Ts/Xenapp is provided at OneOffixx Citrix/Terminal Server Installation.