Connects to the local AD. Be aware that the query might only return properties that are applied to this user. Use the “useValueIfEmpty”-rule to ensure that all values have a correct default or use “ignoreClaimIfEmpty” to omit empty claims.

Note: LdapPropertiesToLoad can be left blank if you want to see all available properties, but should be limited due to performance impacts.

<LdapSyncSource name="Custom LDAP" queryKey="OneOffixxIdentifier">
        <Claim type="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims/name" property="cn" />
        <Claim type="http://schema.oneoffixx.com/ws/2011/01/identity/claims/displayName" property="displayName" />
        <Claim type="http://schema.oneoffixx.com/ws/2011/01/identity/claims/title" property="title" />
        <Claim type="http://schema.oneoffixx.com/ws/2011/01/identity/claims/userImage" property="thumbnailPhoto" />


  • LdapServer If nothing is set, the current Active Directory will be used. Default port: 389.
  • LdapIsSsl Default: false, optional
  • LdapOverwriteSslVerificationAndReturnTrue Default: false, optional
  • LdapBaseDnPath If nothing is set, the current Active Directory DN Path will be used.
  • LdapUser Default: Current user, optional
  • LdapPassword Default: Current user, optional
  • LdapAuthType Default: ‘Basic’, optional
    • Anonymous: No authentication
    • Basic: Basic authentication
    • Negotiate: Microsoft Negotiate authentication
    • Ntlm: Windows NT Challenge/Response (NTLM) authentication
    • Digest: Digest Access authentication
    • Sicily: Negotiation mechanism (Sicily) will be used to choose MSN, DPA or NTLM. This should be used for LDAPv2 servers only
    • Dpa: Distributed Password authentication
    • Msn: Microsoft Network Authentication Service
    • External: external method will be used to authenticate
    • Kerberos: Kerberos authentication
  • LdapFilter If nothing is set and queryKey is OneOffixx, the objectSid-Filter will be used.
  • LdapEncodingCodePage Default: ‘65001’, optional, possible values
  • LdapUseV3ProtocolVersion Default: false, optional
  • LdapPropertiesToLoad Properties to load, comma separated