MicrosoftGraph / Office365 Connector - can only be used in combination with our IdS & the Microsoft Graph IdentityProvider

Available properties are based on the Graph API User-Object.

<MicrosoftGraphSyncSource name="AzureAD" queryKey="OneOffixxIdentifier">
        <Claim type="" property="preferredName" />
        <Claim type="" property="displayName" />
        <Claim type="" property="givenName" />
        <Claim type="" property="surname" />
        <Claim type="" property="mail" />
        <Claim type="" property="mySite" />
        <Claim type="" property="mobilePhone" />
        <Claim type="" property="streetAddress" />
        <Claim type="" property="postalCode" />
        <Claim type="" property="country" />
        <Claim type="" property="city" />
        <Claim type="" property="mobilePhone" />
        <Claim type="" property="department" />
        <Claim type="" property="companyName" />
        <Claim type="" property="userPrincipalName" />
        <Claim type="" property="state" />